About Us

ER ELEKTRIK SAN.VE TIC.LTD.STI. has been engaged in the activities of marketing of electrical equipment and turnkey delivery of MV-LV power distribution systems across Mersin. Our company has been engaged in representing national’s most elite companies as well as electrical companies in Mersin and also specialized in supplying all kinds of electrical materials to meet the needs of the industry. The main principle of our activities is to implement our activities within the scope of the needs of the customers in the shortest time and in compliance with the desired characteristics and circumstances and to do so in the most cost eective manner. In addition to our core business, which is marketing wholesale electrical materials, our commitment group has been specialized especially in MV-LV pover distribution and factories electrification. Supply, installation and maintenance of generators and uninterruptible power supply are another branch of our specialization fields. Starting from this sentence, our company is a wholesale distributor of electricity and partner of domestic and international companies and with the support of these companies, it provides designing, project planning, procurement, implementation and installation works both integrated and separately.

Our activities at the Electrical Supplies logistics Center which we have built on ‘ikinci çevre yolu\H.Okan Merzeci Bulvarı’, based on total area of 2,500 m without parking and transportation problems, and will provide our service with ease and comfort. In 2012 We had operated our branch oce in the city of Suleymaniyah in Iraq, and thus we have moved our procurement and contracting services to the international arena . Our services are carried out domestically and abroad with a total of 46 experienced sta,being 15 administrative sta, 2 Electrical Engineers, 5 Electrical Technicians. As we are engaged in provision of servicies in a sector with high hazard coecient, safety has become a lifestyle for us. Protection of physical and mental health of our employees is the greatest priority that we give in our operations. Therefore we will have this approach certified with ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 recently.

Our Vission

Our vision is to be a leading firm in the sector which can ensure employee satisfaction, develop its suppliers, comprehend customer’s exact demands and expectations and become solution partner.

Our Mission

With the full participation of our employees, Our Mission is to become a company capable of producing timely, adopting team work and total quality, operating with advanced production techniques,securing continuous improvement, behaving with a manner sensitive to human health and the environment and than becoming a global brand.

Quality Policy

As Er Elektrik, We provide services, which are higher than our clients’ expectations and conditions. Therefore, our purpose is to gain and keep our clients confidence. Meanwhile, we work harmoniously with existing laws, regulations and standards. We improve all processes that aect success of our company and products. Our high motivated and determined employees participate consciously sustanaible development of company. Our primarily policy of quality is to work in mutual trust and cooperation with companies and suppliers to increase working efficienc.